Cascading Electrons
Hate, a heavy burden on the soul,
A poison that slowly takes its toll.
It gnaws at the heart, consumes the mind,
Leaving nothing but bitterness behind.

Love, a force of light and grace,
A warmth that fills every empty space.
It lifts us up, makes us whole,
A beacon in the darkest of souls.

Pain, the inevitable companion of love,
A reminder that we are not above.
It cuts deep, leaves scars that last,
But also teaches us lessons from the past.

Grace, the gentle touch of divinity,
A gift that comes with love's serenity.
It soothes the ache, heals the wounds,
And leads us to brighter tomorrows soon.

Particles, steadfast in their dance,
Creating a symphony of circumstance.
We are all connected, intertwined,
In this cosmic web of hearts and minds.

Electrons, Protons, dancing in harmony,
A delicate balance of energy.
They spark the flames of passion within,
And ignite the fire of love’s sweet kin.

Complacent natured neutrons, silent yet strong,
Holding together the fabric of right and wrong.
They remind us of the power we hold,
To choose hate or love, to be brave or bold.

Within us, our hearts collide,
A collision of emotions we cannot hide.
We must navigate this cosmic storm,
And find peace in the eye, where love is born.

Miniature colliders, exploding emotions,
Shaping our destiny with their devotions.
In worlds unseen, where atoms dance and spin,
Subatomic mannerisms reign within.
Invisible, yet powerful, they wield control,
Guiding emotions, stirring the soul.

Orbiting around the sun of love,
We must navigate the stars above.
Consciousness entangled in the universe's lament,
We must find a way to be steadfast and content.

Catastrophic consequences may ensue,
When these tiny particles dictate what we do.
A single glance, a fleeting touch,
Can lead to love or hurt so much.

In the realm of relationships, no detail is small,
Each action, each reaction, can lead to a fall.
Subtle gestures, misunderstood cues,
Can unravel hearts and cause the blues.

Emotions run deep and wide,
Fueling passion, igniting pride.
But when subatomic forces run amok,
They can destroy, leaving hearts stuck.

In the grand scheme of socialisms, we see,
The impact of tiny actions, how they shape reality.
A kind word, a helping hand,
Can create bonds that forever stand.

But a harsh word, a selfish deed,
Can plant seeds of discord that quickly breed.
Subatomic mannerisms, invisible yet profound,
Guide our interactions, shaping the ground.

So let us be mindful of the power we hold,
let us embrace the beauty of hate,
In our words, our actions, and how we unfold.
And let it transform into love's fate.
Let us embrace the pain that we feel,
And let it lead us to grace that is real.
For in this web of relationships and socialisms,
Subatomic mannerisms lead to catastrophic emotionalisms.

For in the end, it is not hate that wins,
But love that transcends all our sins.
It is not pain that defines who we are,
But grace that shines like a bright star.

So let us be particles in this cosmic dance,
Let us find joy in every circumstance.
Let us be like electrons, Protons, and neutrons,
Bound by love and grace, steadfast and certain

© Words Of Anthrax
© I_Am_Michael

Collaboration between Words of Anthrax and Michael

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