I lose, everytime I try
So, its's ok to cry.

All is turning so wrong
I have never been so strong
My pangs are ingulfing me
But they say, we embrace thee
O lord! when will I be free?
Everyday I die
So, it's ok to cry.

1!2!3! there are so many
I can't cure them with penny
I am unknown to sunshine
Nevertheless, I'm fine
Even a little joy, I can't buy
So, it's ok to cry.

I can touch them by hand and soul
They bewilder me from my goal
My heart aches, Is there in it a hole?
It's hard for me to smile
But one day, may be I'll
With no end, I sigh
So, it's ok to cry.

My agony is a laughing stock
I'm going ahead with a heavy rock
Feelings are getting heavier
And God is the only saviour
Tears are not ready to dry
So, it's ok to cry.

Am I mourning or singing a song?
Am I hiding something from myself so long?
Does my soul hate this body?
Or ain't I like everybody?
To this world, am I too shoddy?
Got no answer of my "why?"
So, it's ok to cry
It's ok to cry.

© Ruby
01 Dec 2022