The Stage
153:1.3 The Master well knew that many of his followers were slowly but surely preparing their minds finally to reject him. He likewise knew that many of his disciples were slowly but certainly passing through that training of mind and that discipline of soul which would enable them to triumph over doubt and courageously to assert their full-fledged faith in the gospel of the kingdom. Jesus fully understood how men prepare themselves for the decisions of a crisis and the performance of sudden deeds of courageous choosing by the slow process of the reiterated choosing between the recurring situations of good and evil. He subjected his chosen messengers to repeated rehearsals in disappointment and provided them with frequent and testing opportunities for choosing between the right and the wrong way of meeting spiritual trials. He knew he could depend on his followers, when they met the final test, to make their vital decisions in accordance with prior and habitual mental attitudes and spirit reactions.
The Stage
We’re in the summer, overnight.
The solstice came, the stars aligned.
Summer now, until the Fall.
The Summer heat is felt by all.

The heat of summer mixed with rain
The winds of change can bring some pain.
Windy weather, lightning storms
They’re more severe now, that’s the norm.

Summer breezes, soft and light
Can give this day so much delight.
A stronger breeze can fly a kite.
No need for winds that have more might.

Winds so strong they blow you over.
Change can cause loss of composure.
How you adjust to all this change?
You must relax when things seem strange.

Relax your muscles, use your mind!
Thinking helps things to unwind.
Choose as best you truly can.
Think what’s true for every man.

We know there is a better way.
Do it now, this is someday!
We have a choice, we must decide
Who tells the truth, and who tells lies.

Thank You, Father, I see You setting
Up the stage for our uplifting.
We’ll all learn from how we choose.
Love refines us when we’re crude.

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