the girl code 💃🍷
U don't talk everyday n can never always be in good terms with each other 😭📌, that's a sister.
Some of u hv been so nice, caring, pathetic, annoying,funny,moody n more🤣🤣. I have not been a friend to all of u but one thing am sure of is that u were my sisters 😘🥺🥺😭🤌. We HV passed through a lot together, the morning Cain's, the hate from matron, humiliation, scrubbing Infront of dorm, being taken as a joke😥, the winter's but am glad those things didn't separate us. To be sincere u guys were such a sweet family😭🤌. U always gave me hope even when things seemed very impossible. Uk most guys nowdays are so dense coz they look at the girls as something useless but screw all that. Keep up with the self esteem n self love, don't let some random n useless people's opinions pull u down📌. Don't settle for less, aim at the future. Employ those creepy brats🤌🌚☠️☠️. Anyway as we part ways, just know all of u carried a special place in my heart, and the fact that ur leaving 🤧🥺 just hurts so deep.😭😭😭 . LOVE YOU GIRLS 😘💃🍷🥂. Btw, thanks for covering some of us every night🤣🤣😘💃🍷🍷
© Heather Jamaicah