bad leadership
Days come and go so fast,
Leaders blame each other,
While citizens' lives are at stake,
Because of their selfish desires.

In campaigns, they make fake promises,
All for their own personal gains,
Both the opposition and government,
Trying to brag their importance.

When they win, they show their true colors,
Each and every leader has a dark side,
Some advertise their abilities to harm,
While others claim to back up citizens.

Unity has become an enemy to leaders,
Those in power and opposition differ,
Bringing innocent lives to a cost,
And intimidating the country's progress.

The government claims to care,
But all that falls on the people instead,
Those doctors are turned into masons,
While those with no idea are placed in power.

On the other hand, the opposition,
Claims to support citizens,
But they create genocide soldiers,
Ending in no government,
Because those to rule are the ones in the grave.

© P.O.P