Ephemeral echoes : A poetic journey of love and release
In trembling hands, your image I trace,
Eyes ablaze with tears, a timeless space.
Days have passed, an eternity it seems,
Longing for you, lost in love's moonlit dreams.

Uncertain paths between us unfold,
Yet one wish, in my heart, does it hold.
To meet you, to feel your embrace so tight,
Touch your face once, in love's tender light.

Oh, dear God, grant this plea I pray,
Begging for a meeting, don't turn away.
My heart, fragile, tangled in a bittersweet dance,
Yet for his happiness, I'd give love a chance.

He may not know the depth of my devotion,
How my heart aches, lost in love's ocean.
If only he knew, the pain I endure,
For him alone, my love is pure.

In the shadows, I'll let him go,
Yet he must know, my love, it'll show.
A symphony of emotions, my heart does send,
For him, my love, my eternal friend
© _gottaloveruhii