pulling away...
Dear God..please help me
You said you love me
You said you care about me
Yet, that don't seen to be true?.
I'm in all this pain and it's getting worse.
I help everyone at my worst. I give them the advice you tell me.
Yet, I can't follow it myself?
I lie to them saying everything will be fine. Saying you have it all handled at the palm of your hand.
People say your guiding us. Yet all I get is pain.
Won't u help me?, why me?.
I'm crying on my knees, thinking things I shouldn't be.
I'm screaming in my head over and over "LET ME OUT" "LET ME OUT".
I'm scared...
It's getting harder..
I don't know what to believe.
Or what to even think..
I wanna let go..
I'm so close to the edge.
One more step, and I'm finally free.
If your my lord.... please help ME.
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