something compelled me to stroll tonight
things were going wrong, but this feels right
familiar streets, unfamiliar people
even at evening, i heard the bustle

not the best place for one to walk around
but maybe I was safe for i wore a frown
time went slow, my pace was quick nonetheless
i feel distressed again, i must confess

when i finally went home, no, went back
my mother reminded me of what i lack
another one added to my pile of dirt
so i ran to shower and said my last word

crouched down and the thoughts organized
heavy tears hurriedly escaped my eyes
and hit the flooded bathroom floor
said, "i don't want to go back anymore."

© aethon.

// it's a pretty heavy day that i had to put it into a poem. i cut this poem a bit short because i don't want to overshare/dump everything hahaha.