The sin n the wolf
The sin n the wolf

You say you appreciate everything I do but there's nothing to appreciate when I'm not always right there next to you
The loser always gotta lose
Feed your dark side, addictive minds, I've lost control so long ago you'll never know
I lose myself every damn day losing to feed the vices inside voids my brain, keep the aminal tamed, keep the beast asleep
If you'd ask me before if I'd let you go through this alone, I'd kick my own ass and kick stick n stones to disrespect myself within my own suicide, you know something ain't right, open your eyes, dont tell me your blind,
I'm meant to be forgotten, lost in a hole where the history is unknown, just like to you all, just to me, I'm a mystery to my fucking self
But you've given me the best meaning my own life, it was always you by my side, holding my hand through the dark, us against the world
If I saw this man I swear it wasn't true, all I ever want to feel is good enough for you, the paranoid of not being what you deserve, I struggle myself out of the mud to prove I'm alive
Nobody ever told you you gotta do this every damn day
We'll survive at the end of the world
Am I have enough to be the leader of this pack? The message still isn't clear but you best be damned if I gotta let my own walk through this life to roam alone in the dark
I'll teach you how to bite, how to bark, crawl on your own creat your own footsteps to lead you through, whatever the fuck you gotta do
Don't look at me with the eyes when you look down upon the eyes of a failure wolf coming home with nothing on the table but you've got my love to guide you through
I ain't no fucking quitter, I am a fucking sinner through your eyes I wanna be a winner, keep your eyes on the price, even if I gotta strike my pry to survive, I will come home alive again and again everyday
When my judgement comes and my maker asks me how do I repent, I'll tell ya about the wolf n the sin