Everyone Has A Story
Everyone Has A Story

Everyone has a story to tell!
It may seem as clear as a bell!

Some like to exaggerate and they do it very well!

Decisions that were made do not make much sense !
They appear to be unintelligent or dense !

In reality, actions were taken by emotions so shaken!

They came from lack of love or lack of care!
To simply judge , would not be fair !

Everyone has a story in spite of all their glory !

Belittling or mockery is of no use because there comes a time when to not take any more abuse !

There is always two sides to every story . One might be true while the other may be dramatic or gory !

It is better to be humble and admit mistakes than to be haughty and callus , committing evil acts of malice!

The point to be made is that everybody has a story and gets what they give but to try and be spiteful is a sad way to live !
Jill4570 Aka Jillie Bee 🐝

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