Don’t make excuses for the abuses

Don’t make excuses for the abuses

That monster can’t help it
Don’t call the cops
Don’t do a write up
Please let that sick twisted mind be free…
Don’t beat him or her up..

These are the people who defend
Bad behaviors…like we’re not supposed
Speak about how terrible an uncle is
Around thanksgiving dinner….

Poor human beings
We have to live in a world
Where these wicked evil say
Don’t tell anybody….

Sayin he’s a good man
She’s a sweet woman
You know what’s goin on
Behind closed doors
You told the victims not
To say a word…

You’re the issue…
You cover somebody’s mouth,
You snatch someone’s phone
Not allowin a person to save an innocent soul…

You’re terrible as a monster…
Makin excuses
Don’t wanna involve the police
But someone’s hurtin
You say I’ll talk to that devil
Don’t worry
Though talkin ain’t workin.,,

That monster needs to be killed..

When abuser scarred a human being,
An abuser will murder….
You might regret that you didn’t say a word
Or not…silence is extremely dangerous….

You’re a monster, too
You stay quiet
You even ask forgiveness
For the monster
And yourself….

You deserve karma
I wish harsh things punished your evil spirit

Why haven’t you done the right thing?

You know some people don’t deserve
Wonderful people around
They really don’t…
It scares me that I might run into people
Who makes excuses for abusers….

What’s worse about it
That they get piss off
For snitchin on their best friends who have done
Those terrible things….

You’re suppose to snitch
If you witness the wrongdoing,
And not listen to people who told you
To keep a secret….

Don’t let anyone stop you from doin the right thing….
💯✊🏿©️ Kai C. 5-18-24
© Kai C..