The Day I Met Him
Living in the gutter
with nothing to matter,
with a racing mind
headed for a drunken stupor.

Life had not been worth living,
felt there was nothing left worth giving,
with suicide in my mind,
I couldn’t muster the guts to be that kind.

One drink of beer,
the world turns black,
driving down the road,
couldn’t see the goad.

Jesus took the wheel
and that’s for real!
First time to say, “God help me,”
and the inside changed in me.

He called me by name
and stretched out his hand.
“Welcome home, child,
follow me through the clouds.”

Nothing has been the same
as I still use him for a cane,
carrying me forward,
building on the onward.

Building faith like David,
Hope like Moses,
A heart like Jeremiah.,
and an unwavering
spirit like Jesus!

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