In the middle of our life, where moments unfold, His behaviour weaves stories, tales
yet to untold. Each step we take, is a choice to define, in the vast tapestry of how he inclines.

His kindness, a melody, sweet and serene,
Echoes of no empathy, a compassionate sheen.
His words, like petals, can’t heal but can sting,
In the garden of actions, what will he bring?

My patience, a virtue, a gentle caress to the heart,
navigates like waters with calm finesse. Through storms of frustration and waves of despair, it’s the beacon of serenity, a haven so rare.

He has no respect, a pillar, standing tall, I can't understand the differences, embracing all. In the mosaic of humanity, a vibrant array, his behaviours paint colours, shaping the day.

Yet, sometimes his shadows may cloud the light,
In the labyrinth of emotions, we find our plight.
Forgiveness, is a beacon, guiding our way, mending the fractures, ushering in a new day.

So let us sculpt your behaviours with care, crafting a legacy, beyond compare. For in the mosaic of actions he conceived, lies the masterpiece of the life he weaves.

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