Vivid Colors In The Sky
Sitting by the window at evening,
I look straight at the horizon,
Staring at its vivid hues,
Mixed with oranges and blues

Whenever we take a glance,
At the vivid evening sky,
It ignites a spark within us,
It leaves behind a trance,
In our, poets' hearts

Even at night, I take a look,
At the dark blue, empty sky,
Silken moon shining at its peak,
Starts twinkling, attention it seeks

Everytime I look at the moonlit sky,
I get lost in its exquisite beauty,
The moon's silhoutte gleaming brightly,
The stars sparkling, so shiny

In the early rise of dawn,
I yet again look at the sky,
Sun rising in the distant horizon,
Its light reaching the eyes

Everytime I look at the sky,
I get lost in it entirely,
The birds flying in distant space,
The sun shining with grace

Why do I stare at the sky, you say?
Oh, the skies are a part of a mother,
A mother whose children we all are,
The mother nature never fails to,
Amaze us, protect us, teach us,
From her miracles

Whenever I look at the sky,
It reminds me of a lost someone,
I believe they watch me from it,
Proud of what I have become

The skies lighted a fire,
In the depths of my emotions,
Its beauty strokes the words,
Into my mind with its ink, so golden

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