"Whispers of Love: A Fragrant Journey"
In your presence, my love, my journey finds its aim,
My gaze, it follows you, in your light's gentle flame.
Amidst a garden blooming with countless hues and grace,
Your fragrance, my beloved, is the sweetest embrace.

Like stars that twinkle in the vast midnight sky,
Your essence, my dearest, makes my heart soar high.
In the symphony of life, you're the sweetest melody,
With you by my side, love's a boundless, timeless sea.

In your eyes, I see a world where dreams take flight,
In your smile, I find a haven, pure and bright.
You're the poetry of my life, the reason for my rhyme,
In your love, my darling, I find the sweetest time.

So, let us cherish this love, forever and a day,
In your presence, my love, I'll always find my way.
For in the depths of your heart, my heart's eternal home,
In your love, my darling, I'll never be alone.

Poet : DrSandeepShri
© Legitimate Doctrines