Invents of the Soul
They should invent a life that whispers peace,
A sleep that wraps around me like a gentle release.
A winter that warms my bones and brings me cheer,
A spring that bursts with hope and banishes all fear.
A head that thinks without a nagging sigh,
A heart that beats with purpose, not just to survive.
A body that moves with ease and strength and grace,
A hometown that welcomes me with open arms and a smiling face.
They should invent a me that's normal, free from pain,
A self that's whole, without the weight of shame.
A life that's full of joy, not just a series of days,
A soul that's at peace, in every single way.
But until that day, I'll hold on to the dream,
Of a life that's livable, and a heart that's full of beam.
For in the midst of struggle, I'll find my inner voice,
And whisper back to myself, You are enough, you are choice.
© S.P