The fallen angel
Anger burns within my heart
a raging fire that tears me apart
The pain I feel , a constant ache , as memeoris of heartbreak I cannot shake.

A cold refrain echoes in my mind
a melody of sorrow
so unkind.

Once I was a angel pure and bright
Rediating warmth, a beacon of light...
But now my eyes reflect a vegeanenceful glow
As I embrace the path of woe.

Sweet revenge, a crimson flood
Shall wash away this hurt and blood
No longer do I seek love's embrace.
For my soul has been consumed by this dark grace.

Alone I stand a fallen princess,
Crying endless tears that never cease.
The love I had has turned to dust
Replaced by the inner demon's lust.

The path of darkness I now tread
Where mercy and grace are long since dead
Eternitys wait a heavy load.
As I walk this harsh and unforgiving road.

To kill the pain my only goal
Maintenance of this blackened soul
The cost is high a tragedy.
But vengeance is left thats all for me.

No more will I be sweet , kind girl
Trapped in this world that made me hurt
Into the depths of this abyss,
Where only the thirst for blood I miss.

I'll be the villain, the one to fear
Striking terror in every heart near.
For in this darkness I shall find my peace.
As my enemies screams forever cease.