Did I miss a stop
like out the chopper
you jumped and I hella copped ya
I smelled whoppers
saw that duty made that booty pop
didn't slow or stop
badgered ya with my star bum
Where did you start from
I was on my way to get my lesson
wasn't warned about this test
We in this mess
so somebody said yes I'm guessing
went off with no head
was turtled and curdled in moms and dad's comfortable bed
heard a swish when he past so fast
said I wanna earn with them trix
keep my head down
play homie to the clown
soon can I be you
be the Mac too
reject you
and still keep your heart under arrest too?
Iike you do me can I do you too
is what thought was gonna
but never happened
as I followed the string pulled by the rabbit
soon leaves and carrots became my habit
woke up to roses and leaves
what no carrots for me
Id get rabbit jump up and leave if he don't get me karats to where and carrots to eat
I be done walked past the truck bed fed up put my foot to the
first stop IHOP
u could've hopped too rabbit
but head still on the medal of the bed
to slow in that head for me