My Harmony Retreat

In the heart of the realm where whispers of wind reside,
Lies a haven draped in nature’s luscious hide.
There, the emerald canopy breathes in light,
And the roots delve deep, out of sight.

Beneath the grandeur of the sapphire dome,
Is a sanctuary where my thoughts freely roam.
The sun scatters gold on the lily's grace,
And moonbeams weave a silver lace.

The river hums an ancient lullaby,
In a tongue as old as the unblinking sky.
It cradles stones, worn and wise,
Echoing tales of sunrise and goodbyes.

The mountain stands, a silent sage,
Its stony skin etched with the passage of age.
It watches o'er with a steady gaze,
Unmoved by time's relentless haze.

The meadow, adorned with a floral quilt,
Mirrors the sky, and its celestial tilt.
In its tender grasp, the daisies sway,
Dancing to the rhythm of the day.

In the heart of the wood, where shadows blend,
The fox and the fawn are a peculiar friend.
Their whispers rustle through the leaves,
A secret language that the forest weaves.

This place of whispers, of sun and shade,
Of water's song and the dance in the glade,
It's here I find a quiet and sweet,
In the heart of nature's rhythmic beat.
© Laks