Sleepless Love

Sleepless Love

In the deep of night, I lie in bed
With a restless heart and a weary head
For sleep evades me, my mind astray
In the realm of love, where dreams hold sway
Sleepless I am, with thoughts of you
A love so fierce, so pure and true
Like a river flowing, forever untamed
Lost in the sea, where passion is named
In the silence of darkness, your face lights up
A constellation of stars, a never-ending cup
Each sleepless night, I long for your touch
To extinguish the ache, the yearning too much
My heart beats fast, in rhythm with desire
Set ablaze by a love that will never tire
But the night holds secrets, it keeps us apart
I search for solace, within my own heart
With every passing moment, I feel you near
A phantom presence, it's you I revere
My dreams, like whispers, flutter in the night
Sending hope and love, like wings taking flight
Yet sleep eludes me, as the hours wind on
Through the dark expanse, where shadows spawn
But in this sleepless state, my love remains strong
With each beat of my heart, I'll carry you along
Magod Scroef
© Oyama Sibidla ™