Horrifying Circumstances..
Horrifying circumstances
Traumatizing romances..
stop the voices. stop the voices
I heard her say..
when I tried to walk out the door..
Frozen in terror
I didn't know it then..
I surely know it now..
Horrifying circumstances.
Traumatizing romances
The gut reactions
As each and every time..
My mind makes realization.
That I need to leave..
My chest tightens and heaves..
So I stay until my exit presents itself.
I heard her say that one of the voices wanted me dead.
She was glad that I left instead..
Passion fueled nights
That's sent shivers down my spine with such delight.
Ever since then it's been hard for me to walk away.
Unless it's written in letter of course.
I feel like it's a curse..
Though I don't want to make things worse..
So I just contemplate leaving..
In fact, I dream about it.
Having ex's end up in the Looney bin.
Shock therapy
Seriously it could come to a conclusion..
The nightmares and the hesitation..
The sweats..
The time spent waiting and meditating..
Horrifying circumstances.
Traumatizing romances..

© Life is amazing, if you let it be!