Title- "There's no Laughter's Unbound."
"A lesson of Mirth and Self-introspection."

In the realm of safety, where we all reside,
Lies a truth that's often hard to hide,
That laughter is the key to our hearts' might,
And admitting faults, a beacon of light.

I laugh at myself, oh so freely,
My mirth knows no bounds, it's plain to see,
I find joy in the absurd and silly,
And never let my humor run dry.

My chuckles burst forth like a fountain,
A never-ending stream of glee,
I guffaw at my own antics,
And dance with glee, wild and free.

I know not the meaning of self-conscious,
My laughter knows no shame, it's true,
I embrace my goofy side,
And let my humor shine through.

For when we laugh at ourselves, we see,
The humor in our mistakes, so plain to see,
And in that laughter, our minds are free,
To correct our thoughts, and be set free.

Oh, it's the safest thing to do, they say,
Is to laugh at oneself, come what may.
For in the grand tapestry of life,
Laughter is the thread that weaves it all tight.

Ze who laughs at themself, a wondrous sight,
Never runs out of jokes, a constant delight.
With a heart so light, and a spirit so bright,
Ze finds humor in every situation, day and night.

Yes I laugh at myself, oh so often,
At my own mishaps, my silly notion.
I find it therapeutic, a treat,
To poke fun at my own silly feet.

The world may laugh & taunt at me, oh so loud,
But i'll just laugh louder, madly and proud.
For i know that laughter is a shield,
That guards my heart, and keeps it mild.

I'll laugh at my own missteps and falls,
And the mistakes that i may make.
For i knows that life is but a tale,
And laughter is the key to take.

Oh, the wisdom of self-laughter,
A lesson we should all learn and after.
For Ze who laughs at themself, you see,
Is the one who's truly free.

Everyone makes mistakes, it's just a fact,
But in admitting them, we take a act,
Of courage and of self-awareness, too,
And in that act, our growth we pursue.

But then, I laugh at people who pronounce are smart, extra bright,
People too, with their intellect so tight.
For in their brilliance, I see a light,
A beacon that shines so very bright.

Oh, the paradox of smart intelligent people,
So full of wit, yet so foolish in their glee.
They think they're the smartest, but they're so wrong,
Their foolishness leaves me singing this song.

This is the paradox of smart and clever minds,
So full of wit and wisdom, yet so blind,
They think they know it all, so full of pride,
But their foolish deeds betray their inside.

That's the irony of intelligent, so clever and bright,
Their intelligence shines like a beacon in flight.
But then, they do something so utterly dim,
It's as if they've lost all sense of reason and slim.

Their actions are foolish, their decisions a blight,
They stumble and stagger, day and night.
With every step, they dig themselves deeper,
Into a pit of their own making, a true picture.

Their mistakes are legendary, their blunders so grand,
They make one wonder, "How could they be so bland?"
But then, they laugh and joke, with no care or shame,
As if they're the smartest, and the game's the same.

They mock and scorn, those who dare to doubt,
But their own foolishness, will be their rout,
They're smart, but not wise, in their own eyes,
Their intelligence, a mere disguise.

They laugh at the simple things, but miss the real point,
Their wisdom is shallow, their hearts are not.
They're so quick to judge, but slow to learn,
Their arrogance is their greatest concern.

But oh, the irony, it's a sight to see,
Their foolishness is hidden, beneath a veil of glee.
They mock the innocent, but are blind to their own flaws,
Their intelligence is a curse, that they cannot unravel.

Oh, the paradox of Smart, so full of wit,
But also so foolish, with such little wit.
They think they're the smartest, but they're so wrong,
Their foolishness leaves me singing this song.

For laughter knows no bounds, you see,
It transcends intelligence, don't you see?
It's a universal language, pure and true,
One that brings us all together, anew.

Ze who laughs at themself, never runs out of mirth,
For in every folly, zir finds a wealth of worth.
Ze who points a finger, may find three pointed back,
But zir who laughs at self, will never be attacked.

Oh, it's the safest thing to do, come what may,
To laugh at oneself, and chase the blues away.
For in the mirror, we see our own defects,
And those who laugh at them, are never affected.

So let us embrace our imperfections,
And learn to laugh at our own reflections.
For ze who laughs at self, will never be ignored,
And those who laugh at others, will soon be bored.

And also let's all embrace our mistakes with glee,
And bravely laugh at ourselves, wild and free,
For in that laughter, we'll find our way,
To a safer, brighter day, by day by day.

So if you see me loudly laughing, don't be alarmed,
It's just my nature, pure and simple,
I laugh at my own life, and all its charms,
And never let my mirth grow dim.

© Aneemkp