In the slam of my ears
scary, pathetically broken don't be
Tired tied trembling tears don't let them out
Detained words locked inside jaws
Questions that brim your head
In the silence of whole night awake
So how could you urge the thoughts to behave tonight
In the dream I won't wake up soon

What pain feels like
When the eyes wither down to ground hike
When the eye can't maintain contact with mirror
With all the weight of untold stories behind you
Don't pretend so much before the ego gets lost
Blow the candles and give up your ghost

What the pain of hunger feels like?
Untill the innocent belly deflate
With pretty plenty packages pending to fill it's emptiness
Everytime head plays hide and seek with consciousness
I ask my head for patience
Don't lose weight of hope
Even if seem slowly fading

That darkness must groom
For that's your only way to hope
In the darkness of life
Don't feel weak when it keeps you grounded

© myk