Dying Earth
This jumping world
with overconfidence,
From Moon to Mars,
From Mars to every planet in the illusion,
The man who went to achieve the goal,
But could not know this illusion full of mystery,
In the competition to achieve, he forgot the earth,
Earth in which human beings exist,
Today the same earth is in trouble,
Blinded by the longing to receive the man who gave the earth,
Man pierced the mother's (earth) chest by digging,
The earth was also tormented with pain and red lava was pouring out,
It is not lava but the blood of the earth,
in which there is excruciating pain,
Earth is also thinking "What should I do with humans?"
The white sheet that was also melted,
who destroyed the greenhouses
There used to be a beautiful river,
Today it is full of garbage and plastic waste,
Man can go to any extent for the sake of meaning,
There is no humanity in humans anymore.
And they were also suffocating.
Holocaust, drought, rain, and fire will now wreak havoc altogether,
Man, you will understand the earth,
She is slowly dying.

#Globalwarming #earth #Greenhouse
© confusioncreate