Broken Soul
A heart once whole, now shattered and frayed,
A spirit once bright, now dimmed and betrayed.
A soul once pure, now tainted with pain,
A life once vibrant, now lost in the rain.

The weight of the world has crushed its wings,
The fires of hope have turned to cold springs.
Trust has been broken, faith has been torn,
Leaving a void that cannot be born.

The pieces lie scattered, lost in the night,
A puzzle that seems impossible to right.
Memories haunt like shadows, sharp and keen,
A constant reminder of what has been.

Doubt gnaws at the edges, whispering low,
'You're broken beyond repair, let it go.'
But deep within, a flicker remains,
A spark that refuses to be extinguished by pains.

With trembling hands, the soul seeks to heal,
To mend the fractures that it cannot conceal.
It gathers its strength, shattered and weak,
And takes one step forward, though it's far to seek.

The path ahead is fraught with pain and despair,
But the broken soul refuses to succumb to its snare.
It will stumble and fall, but it will not cease,
For within its depths lies a flicker of peace.

With every step, it heals a little more,
The pieces slowly mending, the pain less sore.
Though the scars may never fully fade,
The broken soul will find its strength unafraid.

For in its brokenness, it has found its might,
A resilience born from the darkest night.
A broken soul, but not a soul defeated,
For in its fragments, hope has been secreted.

© nusrataijazlaway