2 Cents
Out side the box that's just
And you think nonsense
sort of makes sense
is sort of
The Opposite
Of sense
Thinking nonsense
makes no sense
doesn't make any sense
It makes nonsense
Since if your not making sense
You must be making nonsense
You can't make no sense
Youd have to make some kinda sense
So make its Opposite
Nonsense since nonsense and sense are Opposites
It wouldn't make sense
to not make any sense
It doesnt make sense to not make anything
Then we would not be making anything we weren't currently making
You can't not make sense
Or make no sense
since you can't make nothingness
Nothing just exist
Only nothing can make itself exist
So if your not making sense you must be making nonsense
Since its
Opposite of sense it makes sense
when thinking of it as a kind of sense
Just a different kind since
There Opposites then it makes sense that not making sense is just making nonsense which Is just Opposite of the normal way of thinking things make sense
In other words not so absurd
You have to think outside the box
Wow that was a lot
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