Pages of endless spring

Neptunes usual delusions have seemed to lead me astray again
For I have fallen in love with a vision in my head
Reading the pages of my mind like a book
Creating scenarios out of thin air
No mind left for the outside world

Spending up all my free time on fake relationships
False heartbreaks that were completely avoidable
Faux tales of two who loved each other
Yet who could’ve been more
Mouths tied by the strings of expectation, society,
And the longing for a true spark in a cold cave

Even when i'm done with my fantasies
Each one seems to leave a pearl in my head
That I roll around when the time is right
Luminous with wonder and far too much thought
Making a necklace from desire

I don't know how I always end up here,
Tripping over my shoelaces in the deep parts of my brain
Sometimes the things I think feel almost physical
The diamonds, the rust, and the rain
The smell of Jasmine and vanilla
Warm sunlight shining through the stained glass windows

Standing in the cathedral of reverie
I baptise myself in the cold waters of possibility
Colors of blue, lavender, pink, and purple
The landscape of colors flood my minds eye

When i'm not in my own personal trance
I stare out the window onto the street
People watching
Wondering about the complexities of their lives
Just based on their style, or gait

And when the sun rises
And when the world calls for me again
I’ll show up with my thoughts in a jar
Locked away until the time is right
For when I can craft another necklace of desire



A Pearl-Mitski
"It left a pearl in my head, and I roll it around every night, just to watch it glow"

Blue Banisters- Lana Del Rey
"The diamonds, the rust, and the rain"》