The Ending
In the end it was just me and my thoughts,
A painful trap, long after you were gone

While gathering thoughts, reorganizing each one. Watching moonbeams drift minutes after sun rise. Now inside a dimension filled with discarded dreams, with splintering unresolved trapped opportunities. Procrastinating is violating success. Waiting timelines to rest, after wakening, enlightenment and the contrast of hopefulness, lingering. Gazing into the atmosphere, trying to find a speck of myself, somewhere in the skyline. It appears that there's a trap between what should be, emotions alive running free. However, there is a correlation between the soul and the active starlight trail. Having a wish to move away from the shackles of darkness. Dreams are trying to escape into the beautiful world of interaction. The mind raise the white flag to surrender. Adversity seems to be moving quicker. Trap between the imagination of the third eye. Caught on the unstable ground in quicksand. Sinking deeper. The quicksand is nearly around the waist. Hopes dwindling. The body's trembling. The ending.
© Daniel Mason