Think In Bed Before You Sleep
Strong Attitude Defines
Yes! If You Like To
Live Along With Sorrows
Then You're The Best!
As, Nobody Can Change
Your Attitude Or Thinking
You Can
Live With Sadness
And The Sorrows Happily.
Never Expect Anyone
To Hear You,
And, You Have No Rights To
Talk About Anyone, Their Behind.
Traffic You See, On The Road,
They're Working Hard
By Forgetting Their Struggles
To Live For Self & Others.
You Don't Worry About Them
They're Fools!
They Don't Keep Bad Things
With Them And,
They're Finding Happiness,
By Leaving Sorrows Behind.
Don't Look At Them
You Please!
Maintain Your Sadness,
Sorrows And Of Course,
The Pain Too.
Please Don't Mind,
I'm Not Mocking At You.
Relax And Stay Happy With
Your Desired Lifestyles.
© AgonyAlone