snow flakes
breeze whistles
Cars stuck
Rails, painted with
An enormous glow
Doors locked
chimneys flamed

Just look at her
Arms spread wide in gaiety
nonchalantly dancing to tunes?
Eyes closed, a fantasy indeed
A horripilation?
No moon at sight
or even sun to comfort
But there she was
An aura it is
Her sisu makes me gape

When I saw her early on toil from
Dawn to dusk, weeks to months,
I was taken aback
A woman could really be that strong
just giving in again and again and again
Her fame is worth it
Not tamed by the wild of this world
And just with haze
She aces through the maze

Her joy is worth it
seeing her with the cheer
I'm poignant
Could've shared in her joy
But i killed my orenda

So as she feels all cozy
There is me, still battling the moon
Not to turn its face from me
once it appears again
A wish I blew
© Essie