In search of you
Amidst the bustling crowd
My eyes sought yours
Yearning for my reflection in those jewels
My heart, tethered by tenuous threads
Feared at the thought of your departure.

Within these endless heartbeats, mine entwined with yours
Those beautiful jewels gazing into mine
Under the serene star veil
Drowing in the depths of your sweetest smile
Made my stoic façade a rose-hued terrain.

Maybe meant to be was a dream come true
Trapped in this sweet reverie
Fate tricked me
Into seeking your loving gaze everyday
Only to realize, it was a hopeless nightmare.

Falling for a sweet dream
Which turned into an endless hunt
Under the caress of the moonlit night
I hoped for a re-encounter
For a chance to taste your sweet poison once more.

In this search where chaos twirls
Giving up was no longer an option
My heart trapped in this endless stream of hope
All for you,
My dear.
© Nyra