A traveller in thy valley
The journey has come to an end,
Weaving through meandering paths,
Sometimes alone, often with a friend
Recalling the traveller he used to be
Being nostalgic of the old memories
"In the deep valley,he watched the river flowing,
He didn't know where exactly he was going.
Without knowing the destination, he had to go on,
There was no use of holding on to what had already gone.
With the luggage on his back and his sticks in his hands,
He raised his head to look at the far off fertile lands.
He heard the river chatter through the stone.
He looked up at the sky, from the childhood he had known.
Gratefully gazing at the sky, "I have you my friend!",he said
"Then why shall I be afraid of what is going to be ahead",
With the earth beneath and the sky above,
He knew he was safe with his nature's love.
Finally filled with delight,
To have won the inner fight
"Obstacles will come but he will overtake"
He knew that the task was just a piece of cake.
"Yes!! I did it!",he roared in joy.
"I am a man now and not a foy "
One too struggles in the life's race
There are many challenges they have to face.
Facing the imposters of disaster and victory,
One runs to be free from one's fear's slavery.
Life is just not  about fame and glory,
It is but an untold, twisted story...."
Coming out of that nostalgic lane of fond memories
He had some more new stories
To narrate to The Eternal Immortal Friend
Before his after life would come to an end.....

©Himali Sood