6.36 Even as mortals, so have these angels been father to many disappointments, and they will point out that sometimes your most disappointing disappointments have become your greatest blessings. Sometimes the planting of a seed necessitates its death, the death of your fondest hopes, before it can be reborn to bear the fruits of new life and new opportunity. And from them you will learn to suffer less through sorrow and disappointment, first, by making fewer personal plans concerning other personalities, and then, by accepting your lot when you have faithfully performed your duty.

Watched the tube till late last night
With my wife, but morning light
Came too early. That’s my plight.
But, yet today, I’ll find delight.

Cobwebs must be dusted from
The corners where I see there’re some.
Their tendrils must be wiped away
So they don’t cloud or trip our play.

Time it takes to fully waken.
Grandma used to cook my bacon.
Now I skip the breakfast meal.
One meal a day is how I feel.

That’s not good for everyone.
Breakfast helps you man your guns.
To fast for longer can be done.
Look inside where your best comes from.

Do your best with what you’ve got.
The journey worthy, is hard fought.
Look to see your best direction.
Your inner voice helps with perception.

Perhaps you hear no inner voice.
Still, you have to make that choice.
You see Beauty, know Love’s Good.
Find the Truth is Brotherhood.

Thank You, Father, the day’s still young.
Good for me, much to be done.
I do my best to balance life
And with Your help, we vanquish strife.
Paul Anderson

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