No Deep Pensive Thinking
I don't want to write
I don't even want to talk
Or even to think, formulate sentences
No nothing too heavy at all
To give my mind a break, a rest
Let my brain unload the weight
Like the hard-drive of a computer
Even it gets de-bugged from time to time
So, what's the process for your brain?
When it's had more than its fair share?
Do we just keep on pushing
Piling on the pressure - till it bursts...
Till it finally gives up, kaput
Over-heats, internally combusts
Surely before it reaches that point
We should assess all damage done
So let it take a well-deserved break
Go on a de-fragging relaxing holiday
To relax in glorious sunshine, take it easy
To view a summer landscape in the distance
Relaxing in glorious sunshine
Light fluffy clouds of white above
While the sea gently pushes on
Dipping my toes in the heart of its ocean
Leaving my sandals on the shore
My mind, taking a break, taking it easy
No deep, pensive thoughts at all
Yeah, that's what's needed now
Just arrange the destination and time
Away from it all, for just a little while...
© PoetReBlossoms