Dreaming of another life:
Dreaming of another life:

Blood on your hands, while all of our people repent, I hope it’s all worth it, beating the fear of god into our children of hell so they can be a slave to your wealth, building centuries of blackened skies and bloody fights, cursed to die, will we ever see the light? Our hearts beats the same going up to the same sky, I can see you breathing but we’re living in lies, nothing is fine sometimes missing we’re just dreaming, nothing heals as you kneel to a god you can’t see, I could never believe, but I just want to be me.

You're living the life, kicking dirt in our fucking faces, why do you get to be something while we're stuck being nothing And while you're buying a thousand dollar pearls living in luxury, we're living in a fake ass world
Help me understand why the fuck I was put here on this God forsaken world
God is absent, always has been always will be so while you're filling the air with your empty prayers, promised nothing, we'll be here wondering why the fuck it wasn't us and why the fuck it's you.

I see the sunrise, it’s all a lie, I rest my head, all it’s born again, living in your demise, we’re dreaming of another life, but the sad true is after all of this we just fucking die
I lived in sin
To rise from the ashes
If this is what it means to pray that just means the opposite for me, if life gets harder for me to see a god then I shall punish you for what the hell I’ve been through, I will be damned, I will conquer, the world will be mine as my life will be seized, just so we can all be set free

I'm feeling so alone, I'm feeling so confused

Don't know what I'm supposed to do,
Living in this world, my life's getting nowhere, Struggling with the pain again and again while you're getting rich on our despair, Trying to make sense of it all but it's hard to comprehend. This world isn't for me, but I'm here anyway The days keep getting longer and the nights never end It's like I'm fighting a war without any sense of victory. What good is living in this world if you're not really alive? The struggles keep coming, but I'm still trying to survive.

We're barely surviving, barely getting by
Struggling to make ends meet, just trying to survive
No matter how hard we try, we can't get ahead It seems like it's impossible to break out of this dread We're barely surviving, it's a fight to stay alive, but you're living in luxury so everything's fine. This isn't the life we wanted, Makes me wonder if this world was really meant for us, oh right. It was meant for you.