A unique friend
It hurts to lose you
Even if I knew that this day would come
Even if I told myself to accept it
I can’t help myself from feeling so lost and dumb

Because you were there
When I was in desperate need of a friend
When I felt crushed and helpless
It was you who made that loneliness end

And I trusted you
Despite all odds standing in between
For I saw a safe space
Everytime I’d see your name on my screen

Maybe I’m silly
To get myself attached to a stranger
But I saw a friendship
That was truly pure and far from danger

And I cried for you
When you exposed your broken heart
When you told me your story
And each time I witnessed you fall apart

You were never a burden
And you never made me feel weak
Because in your every word
You made me feel strong and unique

And that my friend
Is why I choose this title for you
While hoping you’re out there
Knowing that I felt the same about you too

© BellaWritingHere