Well look at the Time!
look at all the different paths that lead to The Way, look at the road map, the logos, all the elders that Preach will tell you the truth, about the wide road and the narrow road, Amen, I'm starting to see the past and notice the different signs that said do not turn here, and dead end , I don't like walking in the same direction as everybody else, I'll see you at the finish line, about 2 seconds after the last , we were not made to all walk in single file at a certain pace, with a certain posture , as time goes on the path gets narrower and narrower, I believe the Lord has put it on my heart to leave a trail of candy in them places , them wide places, you know the places you lock your doors, and where your hands get a little sweaty, the places you talk about when your in your comfort zone, you know what happens in Egypt stays In EGypt, I am blessed to know that God has many ministers that know how to pray, and when my compass is broken , I may stop and build a fire just to pray , Praise his holy name ! I lost my soul, and I die over and over again and that is the most beautiful thing , because each time I die , people get to see me , hear me , watch me , look at me any way they want , you can laugh that I build fires and dance around like a child, building my faith continually, I'm going to die today and tomorrow and the next day, I have had the privilege to be blind, lame, dumb, deaf, sick, hungry, thirsty, and somehow a miracle has been performed in my life over and over, Again each time with a better vision, a new gift, and a stronger walk, you can say what you want but I have a ghost and I have been resurrected! Breadmaker, winemaker, sign maker, I'm digging holes in the dirt just to leave trails if I have to , Jesus lives in me !