Medea of the 21st century
I undermined your savagery, your kisses are cliffs
That I'm willing to take a plunge into whoever fits

Please don't look at me with disdain
My charm isn't built to cause any pain

Woolgathering, has never been beneficial
I've always fallen for undomesticated animals

Would I be a harlot if I did it just for the sake
Of my body, whom no one else wants to take?

I'll let you be the judge, let you be Paris
Give me the golden apple, if you deem I have the beauty

But curse those who leave sans warning
A woman can only handle so much deception

Doesn't matter what kind of person I change into
I despise every man who has left me blue

Them, only good when honey trickles
Down our bodies they voraciously consume

So don't cast blame on those who were used
Even a goddess have a short fuse

It was Diana who punishes the reckless
I'll sever every bit, like a Gorgon headless

Our power comes from the system
Hurl words that will brand you a monster

We band as beautiful cyclamens
Your fear in cycles, from the Great Mother.


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© ajyoyama