In November chills, I find no embrace
For this month of change my heart got place
A bitter taste a sorrowful refrain ,
For thou art gone and i remain
The leave they falls, like tears in eyes
And autumn hue gives it's winter guise
And thought the world outside may seems so bright
My heart remains shrouded in endless night
The wind it howls a mourful sound
As if it whispers, secrets all unbound ,
Of time pass , when love was still profound,
But now reduce to mere memories found .
Oh cruel fate that took thee away ,
Leaving me here , alone each day
To face the cold , the darkness it lay
Without thy warmth, my soul went astray
The days blend, one by one
A never ending cycle, which undone
I search solace , but found none ,
For in November's grips, I'm undone .
But the leaves falls and grew anew
And if this November I'm unable to ,
Maybe in next I'll be able to
- The silent writer
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