My Ae: Thy Cruelest Poet (Killer)
When I see a mirror...
It shows not just our face
but our heart's desire
I smile— it smiles back.
And it will tell you the sweetest lie
From this cursed charming poet...
I am the dagger that she wants, you said—
So I stabbed you— penetrate the heart...
Cursing the line once was straight,
Piercing your soft skin like a feather—
and making your body dripping bleed
but blood is always red—
Not a vampire nor a ghoul,
I will drink your blood, until the chalice overflows—
I remove the bones that inside you,
Kissing the soft lips of yours,
while passionately touching every inch
Of your innocent body and soul.
I will peel your skin before I burn it
I will keep your teeth and put it in a jar—
In my bed, on my pillow, I will place your skull,
Hence, I can feel that you are always by my side
Every strand of your hair,
I will put it inside of my pillow
so I can feel how strong the smell of grief—
And the remaining flesh inside your body
I will cook, therefore, that there is nothing left for you.
My Ae, I'm yours alone— even evidence can't be found in you,
but I'm the only one who knows...
While I wear your memory, like a cloak, and a crown,
In your love, in your loss, I am forever yours.
In the silence, in the solitude, in the dead of the night,
I am yours alone— a ghost in the mirror that always kept me haunted.

© G. E.G. Martinez