No-silence-No- patience,
exploit and exploitance ,
war to live but ,
each day "WE DIE".

Nothing to do and ,
at night "WE CRY" .
Disheartened and tired clumsy "Red eyed"
not even slept ,
just to CATCH A KITE.

Not only I ,
we all just run.
run-run-run ,
forgotten to have fun.

The path is beautiful but,
the sound of "Sigh! " echoes through mind.
"My body cries!!"

War of U v/s R ,
killed us all and ,
left HUMANITY very far .

Why to move?
to back someone ,
such is a mind ,
to just compete and run.

We need some time not for 9 out 9.
but to see our life for human kind.
That's the mean
at last we found,

© श्रीहरि