Goodbyes Too Soon 😞
Some say goodbye, way too soon, to the ones they love,
Leaving behind a void, a space, and their spirit in a dove.
But during the quiet of night, their absence still weighs,
Leaving memories and echoes, in the heart so gray.

While their laughter, their touch, still lingers near,
Just a gentle reminder of the love once held dear.

Because although they may be gone, their spirit still lives on,
In the hearts of those they've touched, their present still belongs.

Cause with every tear shed and every moment of sigh,
Their presence is felt, like raindrops from the sky.
Though they left early, way before their time,
Their love and legacy will continue to shine.

And in the embrace of memories, we find solace and peace,
A gentle reminder that their love never will cease.
Because although they said goodbye too soon, we'll always treasure,
All the moments we've shared, and a love without measure!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo