One Last Shot
Internal Clock set to take the next shot.
Syringe provokes my spirit to create blood spots.

It interferes with the necessities of each day.
Alarm bells ring as reminiscence of yesterday dissipates,
Awakening an emotional heartache that dissociates.

Slicing into my sincere suicidal fears,
The rig is emptied, so another demise draws near.
Tears disappear when false bliss whispers between my ears.

An ancient iniquity already infecting this flesh.
It eases me into submissive paranoia that brings unrest.

Lone and homeless with all of my worth sold,
Condemnation lays upon my hollow soul.
I know only emptiness is what’s left,
Why have I not been destroyed just yet?.

Living convicted of my constitutional disdain.
Operating in some paradigm in opposition to behave.
I wander with a mentality on a fearful plane,
Insanity is all I will know for the remainder of today.

My testimony is filled with quotes of remorse,
A dope addict that desires to eternally abort.
Either way, time is becoming short.

If I could just throw this bag away,
Maybe Tomorrow will be a better day.
I know the game, this lifestyle kills without blame.

There was a time once, this started out fun,
Yet, it makes me ponder over the cost of a gun.
Still contemplating if I deserve a grave,
After I woke up on time today.

© neconomic