Zombie world
It was a dream, yet felt so real,
I had landed in a nondescript town,
but a gala has been organized,
by the mayor, in his bungalow.
And I went, with my companion,
on my bike, carrying few bags,
it was the last day of our stay,
so decided to have party as well.

A crowd had gathered in the hall,
that house was gorgeous & spacious,
we met a lot of people, made friends,
as we waited, for the celebration to begin.
The mayor came, accompanied us,
we have our fill, in food or liquor,
in the midnight, we shared congratulations,
as the bell rung, mayor made announcements.

Behold my dear people, I am sharing gifts,
this liquor would make you immortal forever,
he laughed madly as he opens party poopers,
cloud of dust followed, making people crazy.
They started biting others like animal,
any defense or attacks were useless,
we ran on bike, along with acquaintances,
to leave this dangerous town behind.

Little did we knew, it's a government plot,
every town we crossed, had this madness,
finally I reached my city, sighed of relief,
only to encounter more, along with police.
Yet, it was curious, as if being in game,
we had to buy guns, robbing an ATM,
and police asked, to help them kill,
by firing on zombies, with headshots.

I was taken aback, but gathered courage,
fired bullets, but it was just laser points,
realized too late, bullets were not loaded,
wake up in panic, before bitten to death...

And becoming a zombie 🧟‍♂️

© Dr. Manish Rout