In the realm of unspoken desires,
Her heart burns with untamed fires,
A girl, captivated by love's sweet sting,
In the depths of a one sided longing.

Her eyes, like pools of shimmering grace,
Reflect a love she cannot erase,
Yearning for a love that's not returned,
Yet her flame of devotion remains unburned.

She weaves dreams in moonlit nights,
Imagining a love that takes flight,
But the echoes of her heart's refrain,
Are met with silence, causing her pain.

She cherishes moments, stolen and brief,
Hoping they hold a glimmer of relief,
But the winds of fate blow against her will,
And her love, like a secret, she must conceal.

She watches from afar, a silent devotee,
Her love, like an unspoken poetry,
Admiring from a distance, her heart aflame,
Yet the object of her affection remains the same.

She paints pictures with unrequited love,
Finding solace in the heavens above,
For within her soul's unwavering light,
She discovers strength, even in the night.

Though her heart may bear the weight of sorrow,
She blossoms, like a fragile flower in the morrow,
For one sided love, though it may sting,
Teaches her resilience, the strength to keep dreaming.

And as she navigates this uncharted sea,
Her heart expands, setting her spirit free,
For one sided love, a poignant art,
Leads her closer to discovering her own heart.

So let her love shine, pure and bright,
Even if it remains a star in the night,
For in her unrequited love's embrace,
She finds the beauty of her own grace.

© poetic.mind__
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