light humour
Relationships, money, depression, and more,
These are the problems we all abhor,
The daily struggles we have to face,
That leave us feeling like a disgrace.

We fight with our partners over petty things,
Like not doing the dishes or forgetting the rings,
But why not try and compromise,
And let go of the anger that often arises.

Money, oh money, it's the root of all evil,
But without it, we can't even buy a bagel,
We work day and night, just to earn a few bucks,
And then spend it all on bills and such.

Depression, anxiety, it's all around,
The world seems to be spinning upside down,
But instead of drowning in our sorrows,
Let's reach out for help, and see a brighter tomorrow.

So, let's try and find humor in our daily strife,
And not take it all too seriously in life,
For the problems that we face, will eventually pass,
And we'll look back and laugh at them, at last
© Avinash David