Replace The Pain
This pain never goes away,
No distraction strong enough to refrain,
I've just learned how to conceal it inside,
But know I'm still in excruciating pain,

I'm not sure if it's my heart or my mind,
That's convinced me of what I think Im seeing,
All I know is I'm watching you fade away,
As if it's only my heart that's still bleeding

I thought I was so much more to you,
But I'm coming to know a different fate,
I'm trying so hard to tell myself it's okay,
That the chance to love you again isnt to late,

I feel replaceable more then ever before,
I've always felt this way but never this strong,
Why wouldn't you be trying to move on,
When I'm here still trying to feel I belong,

I hope and pray that I'm wrong,
And your love is still thriving in your heart,
For me, for us, and our future to be,
Please let it be, that were not falling apart,

You are the last of my love and most of my soul,
Without you I will have nothing left to show,
So please tell me it'll all be okay when I can't,
So I can stop thinking that your slowly letting me go.

© justin_ur_imagination