The Red Flows Down
!Trigger Warning!: This poem hints towards topics like mental health issues that might be distressing to some readers.

Proceed at your own risk!


The red is flowing down again
I've lost count of how often
I've been doing this
I know i should stop
But I can't
I don't want to

This is comfort now
This is home
This is safety
This is security
Even if living here means death
It's peace

Haven't studied
Haven't learnt
But it's nothing new
I never learn

So pathetic of me
Reaching out to touch fire
The fire that's already burnt me
And turned me to ashes

I crave the fire
The heat that gave me comfort
But slowly burned me too
Yet I still yearn for it

The red flowed once again
I think they know
But no one talks about it
I'm thankful

When will my time come?
Even though it's all fine
It's good; life's good
But I'm not

Or am I?
I don't know
I've never known
I don't want to know

It's all my fault
There's no point in blaming
It all comes back to me
That's the reality

Been this way since I was a kid
Still am the way I was
I never learn
It's always been my fault

Always been a coward
Too scared of facing reality
Yes I shouldn't
But the comfort is calming

I close my eyes and imagine the rainbow
In front of my eyes
And for a moment,
I see love

The love that is the most dangerous thing I know
Yet, it's also
The most beautiful thing I know

I've strayed away
Way too far to find my way back
With each step I take
I take two steps back

Screaming and wailing
For a helping hand I await,
To save me from this drowning emptiness
Or is it too late?

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