Selfhatred at its peak
Empty, hollow, that's all I am,
A broken record, stuck on "waste" I chant.
Friend I failed, a student too,
No use for anything, that's all I knew.

Die I whispered, a coward's dream,
But even death feels like a distant gleam.
No laughter lives inside this chest,
Just a heavy heart, forever suppressed.

Shy and unseen, a ghost of a friend,
God's creation, with a broken end.
Trash on two legs, that's all I see,
Never reaching high, forever I'll be.

A son I failed, a disappointment deep,
Dreams turned to dust, in nightmares I sleep.
Empty eyes stare back from the glass,
Loved? Never felt it, not meant to last.

Walking mistake, a burden to hold,
Healing touch? My hands are cold.
Useless, unwanted, a waste of space,
Each breath I take, a slap in the face.

Even a pile of dirt, worth more they say,
Than my existence, cast away,
Words turned to whispers, the weight on my tongue,
My only companion, a sorrowful song.
He whimpered, he howled, my loyal friend,
Mirrored sadness that never would end.

Tears like waterfalls, blurring the night,
Two lonely souls, with no guiding light.
A walking dead man, with nothing to chase,
Every failure screaming, a haunted maze.

Live for what? A question so cruel,
No courage to die, but life feels a duel.
Empty, hollow, that's all I see,
But a flicker of warmth, a nudge from my knee.

My dog licks my hand, a silent plea,
"There's more to this life, than what you can't see."
Is that true? A tiny spark ignites,
Maybe there's something, worth all the fights.

The world feels heavy, but maybe there's grace,
A reason to rise, to find my own space.
Broken I am, but maybe not beyond repair,
For even the lost, there's love to share.

So I'll take a breath, though the world feels like stone,
For the love of a dog, I'll fight all alone.
I'll search for a purpose, a reason to be,
This empty shell, might just find the sea.

It won't be easy, the path is unknown,
But hope's tiny ember, I won't let it be blown.
Empty no more, I'll fight to be free,
Because even the wasted, deserve a chance, you see.
© ͲᏀㅤJᴇғғʀɪɴㅤ☯