Ode to the tree
It's a tribute to benevolent tree,
a manifestation of nature's spirit,
you are a major pillar of life,
bestowed upon us as God's design.

Surrounding us in different forms,
be it small or larger vegetation,
as you spread your seeds,
supplying the earth with greenery.

Precious oxygen that we inhale,
or the shades against the weather,
supporting and providing different lifeforms,
with protection, dwelling and nourishment.

I too am one of your admirer,
thanking you for many moments together,
climbing and plucking fruits or flowers,
enjoying your shades in the summer.

Of days simply resting at your base,
or taking covers in the rain,
waking up of voice of songbirds,
entertaining myself watching playful critters.

Every part of you are a blessing,
from leaves, flowers, branches or fruits,
helping us grow and get civilized,
as we used you in our daily lives.

But now, we have become a dangerous being,
destroying your existence for our greed,
clearing your species in name of development,
pushing you to the brink of extinction.

Forgive me for I am powerless,
as I look painfully at your abandonment,
slowly but surely the world changes,
your life in exchange of our selfishness.

© Dr. Manish Rout